The Sexy Bride

Although the Bride wants everything to run smoothly on her special day, she also wants to look fabulous. THE WEDDING GOWN is the most important “thing” in the wedding.  Everyone wants to see the gown that the Bride has chosen to wear.  Some Brides may choose to be classy, some Brides may choose to be sexy, some Brides may choose to be traditional, and some may Brides may choose to be modern, whatever that it may be the GOWN is important. 

Choosing the Gown can be stressful.  BUT, please don’t stress because today I will give you pictures and a very UPSCALE bridal boutique that can help with all of your bridal gown needs. 

Traditionally, most Brides wear the long gowns.  But today, I’m feeling sexy.  Let’s talk about the sexy Bride.  The sexy Bride wants her legs to show, and wants the dress to fit to shape, while still looking classy.  It’s nothing wrong with the sexy Bride. She just want to feel sexy on that day.

Cymbeline Paris USA Division, is a bridal store that can make the Bride choose that sexy dress.  Below are just a few dress that they have in their collection…

Contact information for Cymbeline: Corporate Offices (mailing address only) Cymbeline Paris USA Divison                    171 Maidencreek Rd, Fleetwood, PA 19522                 

Cymbeline NYC – 5 East 19 Street, 2nd, New York, New York 10003 (By appointment only)    

Cymbeline Boutique Fogelsville, PA – 7725 Main Street, Fogelsville, PA 18051 (By appointment only)

P: 1 888 CYMBELINE (1 888 296 2354

P: 1 610 944 6950

F: 1 610 944 6955                                                                                                                           

This dress is very sexy and still classy!

This dress is for the Bride who wants to show a little leg! 

This is for the Bride who wants to show her shape!! Sexy, Sexy!!

This dress is more on the traditional side, but still sexy because of the “see through” bottom.

This is just a sexy dress!!

Contact Stephanie Ricks at for all of your wedding needs. 615-426-4616 “Helping Reveal Visions in a Vogue Style”!

Specializing in Weddings & Events Consultation.


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