Colors, Colors and MORE Colors

Let me first say that I am not the Wedding Planner that says, “Oh less is more!” I believe that more is better! However, I am here to do whatever the bride wants. I love to mix and match colors and create different styles, which I think is great for weddings. Color schemes are what set the wedding style, and give the guest a feel of the happy couple’s taste. So, you make asked why is the color so BIG! Well, it’s big because it is first seen on the “save the date” cards. When the guest receives the “save the date” cards, they then know the colors of the wedding, how to dress for the wedding, etc. The colors are on the napkins, invitations, flowers, bridesmaid dresses. Let’s be honest the colors of the wedding determine EVERYTHING!!

Many brides like to use certain colors with the season of the wedding. For instance, a bride may use deep colors such as browns and burnt orange colors for a winter wedding. I believe that a bride should use whatever colors she wants to use for any season. After all, the colors show the personality of the bride.

Some brides also choose their colors based on the time of day the wedding is giving. Night weddings usually have more of the glitz and glam. From instance, glitters and silvers may play a big part in a night weddings.

If the bride does have any idea of the colors that she wants to use for her wedding, she should use a color wheel to determine her colors. A color wheel can help the bride choose the coordination of her colors. Three colors make up the color wheel, which are red, blue, and yellow, plus a blend of in-between colors.

For a good understanding of the color wheel, please click on the link below…

The 2012 Wedding Color Trends are as follows:

1) Aqua
2) Tangerine
3) Lilac
4) Mustard
5) Antique Blue
6) Deep Red
7) Latte
8) Lavender
9) Charcoal
10) Sage


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