The Wedding Budget

A wedding budget is very much-needed when a bride is planning her big day.  The budget is one of the first things that the bride and groom should set before anything else is planned.  There are many factors to include when a couple is planning their budget.  First, the couple should discuss what type of wedding that they want. Since today is not the 50’s or 60’s, many couples are paying for their own wedding.  More couples are getting married in their late twenties and early thirties, and already have their own career, business and income.  So there is no need for parents to help pay for the wedding, unless the parents want to pay as a gift to the couple.  With this being said, the couple should discuss who will be paying for what.

A lot of couples set their budget and then research vendors.  This is good.  However, I think that researching vendors and pricing out different things may be better.  After the couple has knowledge of different prices, i.e. flowers, centerpieces, photographer, it may be a good idea to set the budget from the quotes.

Many brides a blindsided on how much items cost.  For instance, there was a time where 300 invitations could be ordered for $500.  Now, the prices have gone up.  The average price for 300 invitations are $700-$2000 depending on what all is included.  Note:  The RSVP cards are around $200 alone.

Another thing that couples forget to factor in is STAMPS.  YES STAMPS!  Stamps are $0.45 each.  Okay, let’s think people.  If a bride is sending out 300 “save the date” cards, the stamps would cost $135 (300 x .45) for the “save the dates.”  A few months later, she would need to mail out her 300 invitations, which would be another $135 (300 x .45) in stamps.  But, hold up!  She would then need to purchase another 300 stamps for her RSVP cards (response cards), which would be another $135 (300 x .45).  We are looking at a total of $405 in stamps alone!  WOW!  Some brides, as well as wedding planners, do not factor this into their budget.  But, stamps should ALWAYS be factored into the budget. 

Couples should be realistic about their budget.  As much as I LOVE to plan fabulous weddings, I believe that the couple should realize that they have to live after the wedding.

For more on budgeting, please contact “Helping Reveal Visions in a Vogue Style”


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