The MEN are getting married too!

Brides, I know that you have been dreaming about this day for years and years.  To be honest, we have this day planned out before the man brings the ring.  We know the colors, how many bridesmaids we’re going to have, etc.  The questions stands, “What part does the men play in this?”

There are a few grooms out there that want to get involved in the wedding planner; so, it is the bride’s job to make him feel just as special on that day as she does.

Below are a few things that brides can do to make her groom feel special.

1)      Ask him what he thinks about the colors

2)      Ask him if he knows of any caterer’s to use

3)      Allow him to manage the wedding budget

4)      Allow him to suggest a DJ

5)      Allow him to help with the seating arrangements

6)      Allow him to choose the formal wear

7)      Ask him what type of theme he wants to go with

8)      Allow him to attend all vendor meeting

9)      Ask him to help pick out invitations

10)    Ask him to help pick out the cake

Honestly, men probably don’t want to get involved too much with the wedding planning.  But, I think it is best to make him feel special in every way.  He doesn’t want to be left out!  J!!  And, if he does get involved, please ladies, don’t down-play ALL of his ideas.

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