ThE bRiDe ThAt ThInKs OuTsIdE tHe BoX

There are many brides that like to stick with the “traditional wedding.”  However, I love the brides that like to think outside the box.  When a bride comes to me and say that they want to do something different, I become so happy!  J I love to put colors together that doesn’t match, making the programs into a newsletter, or sending DVDs as the “save-the-date.”  Anything to make the bride and wedding different, I’m all for it.

So, what are ways to step outside of the box for a wedding?

1)      Select a theme that no one has ever thought of…

2)      Get a colorful wedding dress

3)      Have “real” entertainment at the reception. i.e. Harlem Globetrotters

4)      Have a costume wedding…

5)      If you’re not the bride that likes wearing dresses, get a nice pantsuit

6)      Have all of your centerpieces handmade

7)      Have a dance contest at the reception (guest will certainly get involved)

8)      If you are really into music, have your wedding as a musical

9)      Get unexpected Fabric for your dresses

10)   Or have a full weekend wedding (different activities leading up to the big day)

No one says that there is ONE way to have a wedding.  Be yourself; express yourself during your wedding!  For more ideas on a non-traditional, outside the box, modern wedding, please contact Variety House at



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