The Destination Beach Wedding

Let’s face it; the beach is a calm, relaxing place that everyone loves to go.  Destination beach weddings are very romantic; and for the most part, cost less than traditional weddings.  With a destination beach wedding, you can turn your wedding into a mini-vacation for you in your guest.  Planning a destination beach wedding is certainly less stressful than the traditional wedding.  These weddings can be simple or fabulous.  Remember your wedding is a reflection of your personality.

Beach weddings are also more informal than a church wedding.  However, the attire can still be elegant.  Most guest come dressed in white linen without shoes (because they will be in the sand) or flip-flops.  Most of the time, the wedding dress is very simple and light-weight.   The bride can wear barefoot bridal sandals. The groom usually wears open-necked shirt and casual pants while leaving the socks and shoes in the room.

As for favors, there are plenty things that can be done.  The bride can have her favors made out of sea shells.  She can also give mini fans shaped as a shell.  The treat boxes could be in the shape of a palm tree.  There are so many creative things to do with a beach wedding.

There are also plenty of places to have a destination beach wedding such as Mexico, Jamaica, etc.

But remember, as with all weddings, there are a few things to look out for when planning a beach wedding.  THE WEATHER…yes, the weather places a big factor on your day if it’s a beach wedding.  There should always be an alternative for the ceremony if any acts of God should happen.

For more information on beach weddings, please contact Variety House by Stephanie at


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