Why Hire A Wedding Planner

First let me say, that many brides think it cost so much to hire a wedding planner, and always ask herself if she can afford it.  My answer to that question is, you can’t afford not to hire a wedding planner.  Hiring a wedding planner is the best thing that a bride and groom can do.  A wedding planner takes the stress away of planning from the couple.  The wedding planner will be involved or uninvolved as much as the couple desires.

Because the wedding planner is professional, he or she offers guidance when planning the wedding.  Selecting vendors, flowers, venues, etc. can be really difficult.  A wedding planner should know all of the wedding lingo and terms to make the selection process as smooth as possible.  Wedding planners are also up-to-date on all of the new wedding trends.  This is great because most brides have no clue on new wedding trends.  Wedding planners also help the couple with budgeting, which is the biggest factor in planning a wedding.  One of the questions that a wedding planner will ask is, “What is your budget?”  (Please brides don’t get afraid when you hear this question.  Wedding planners aren’t trying to take your money; but, only trying to help you have the BEST wedding on whatever type of budget that you may have!) This question is asked to get a clear understanding of how much money, realistically, should be spent on the wedding.  Many brides’ ideas are bigger than their pockets.  A GREAT wedding planner can work with any budget!!  However, the wedding planner will still let the couple know how much everything will be, and where they should cut cost, if funds are low.

Wedding coordinators usually come into the picture 3 weeks before the wedding to iron out all of the details, and make sure the wedding flows properly.  (Wedding coordinators take your idea and make sure your plan goes as plan)

Basically, a wedding planner is a gift to yourself to give you peace of mind on your special day.  If you are looking for a professional wedding company to plan your wedding, please contact varietyhousebystephanie@yahoo.com to get more information.


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