Variety House is on the Move

Wedding Planners!


Planning weddings are so much fun, exciting and rewarding to see the event as a success!  As you all know, the Association of Bridal Consultant is the oldest association for wedding planners in the country.  It is very satisfying to brides to know that we, wedding planners, are a part of an association that is so great and have a lot of creditability.

With that being said, I would like to add that Variety House will be your new LNG Coordinator for the Middle Tennessee area!  I am very happy about taking on this thrilling responsibility.  We have come up with a few ideas on meeting dates and places. We know that most wedding planners have busy schedules with home and work life; and before we make anything official with dates and times, we would like to hear from you.    Please email us and let us know the days and times that you would like to meet, the topics that you would like to be discussed, and how we can get more people to join the Association of Bridal Consultants. After we hear from you, we will reply with official days, times, places and topics.

For more information, please contact Variety House at



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