Having a Wedding on a BUDGET

Many brides and grooms would like to have a huge, fabulous, grand wedding. They would like to invite everyone that holds a special place in their hearts. Having a wedding like this can be very expensive. In today’s time, many couples are living on a budget. This budget allows the couple to be limited with their purchases. So, the question stands, “How can we have a grand wedding on a budget?”

Well, I’m here to tell you! I would first say b to cut your guest list. Many couples have grand weddings to impress others….you know to be the talk of the town. News Flash….IT’S YOUR WEDDING…NOT EVERYONE ELSE’S WEDDING. What I mean is everyone that has been in your life doesn’t have to get an invitation to your wedding.  When you cut your guest list, you save on food, centerpieces for the tables, cost of invitations, favors, cost of programs, etc. The extra money can be spent of having the things that you really want for your wedding and reception. Close family and friends can enjoy your day with you.

Also, if you just have to have the entire town see your wedding. Hire a videographer, and once he/she send you final cut on your wedding, post it in social media….it’s free!! This way, every can share your day.

For more tips on having a wedding on a budget, contact me at varietyhousebystephanie@yahoo.com

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