Variety House Vintage Contest


Ladies, we at #VarietyHouseVintage know how it feels to have a closet full of clothes and still feel like there’s nothing in it to wear!

Post a picture of your closet full of clothes (clothes being everywhere)! Variety House Vintage will determine which closet is the craziest!  If you are the winner,  #VHV will provide a free consultation, identify your shopping style, free wardrobe assessment of your current clothes, determine which clothes fits your lifestyle, and style image based off of your shopping style, and build your wardrobe with the existing clothes that you already have!

1) Must follow @vhvarietyhouse
2) Post a picture of your crazy closet
3) Hashtag #VarietyHouseVintage
4) Reside in Nashville, TN; Birmingham, AL; Atlanta, GA or the Shoals Area, AL
5) Must be 18 years or older

#Vintage #Contest #Win #Free #WardrobeAssessment #Fashion #Clothes #Style #Trends #BeYou #VogueStyleYourCloset #Trendy


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