Variety House specializes in serving the needs of Communication, Media Production and Vintage Fashion, and prides itself on being able to cater to its client’s needs in a variety of ways. VH stands strongly by its slogan, “Helping Reveal Visions in a Vogue Style.” Each and every client has a style, whether it is in communication or vintage fashion, where VH specialist will help reveal. To assist in revealing visions, Variety House has three departments of professional services to offer its clients. The services are Variety House Communication, Variety House Production and Variety House Vintage.

Variety House Communication (VHC): VHC offers to its clients, Ghostwriting, Organizational Communication support, PowerPoint Design, Press Release & Press Kit Development, Product Launches, Public Awareness Campaign, Resume Writing, Speech Writing, and Social Media Marketing. One of our approaches is that we allow companies to hire us as part of their in-house team. This approach allows us to collaborate with the management and leadership team of the company to develop best practices and marketing material for the target market, as well as the target audience.

Ghostwriting: VHC will write for clients as a ghostwriter and the clients will obtain all of the credit for their book. VHC writes books, e-books, magazine articles, short stores, content writing, resume writing, speech, presentation and PowerPoint design, academic editorial and much more.

Social Media Marketing: VHC will develop client’s content and creative concepts to gain traffic through social media sites. Our team will create and manage social media accounts, create social media campaigns, create post content, monitor clients social mentions and reviews, Social Media Optimization and Social Media Strategies.

Organizational Communication Support: VHC will develop our client’s organizational communication. Our team will advise on contemporary theories of organizational communication, communication between internal and external stakeholders, leader and follower behavior, management vs. leadership and teams within the workplace.

Public Awareness Campaigns: VHC will increase our client’s public and brand awareness with product and service launches through campaigns. Our team will put together an effective campaign to reach assist our client’s with reaching their target market and audience locally, regionally and nationally.

Press Release and Press Kits: VHC will increase our client’s public and brand awareness with product and service launches through press release and/or press kits. Our team will make sure that your messages get to your target audience.

Variety House Production (VHP): VHP will provide services as a freelance Film/Television Producer, freelance Film/Television Writer and freelance Film/Television Director. This department produces a variety of entertainment. The entertainment can range from film, television, conferences, events, books, magazines and much more.

Variety House Vintage (VHV): VHV is a Vintage Fashion Boutique that sells women vintage clothing, accessories, handbags and much more ranging from 1920-2000 and services in vintage fashion consultation. VHV services are as follows:

Vogue Style You (Image/Personal Style Assessment): VHV is committed to helping its clients find the best style that fits her personality. We will look at all aspects of your life, personal and professional. Once you have embraced who you are, and your own personal style, this will stay with you forever, even when fashion trends seem to change.

Vogue Style Your Closet: (Wardrobe Assessment): VHV will provide wardrobe assessment. Many women, including myself, often stand in front of her closet and screams, “I have nothing to wear,” when she has a whole closet full of clothes! VHV will provide an assessment of your current clothes, and evaluate each piece of cloth that is hanging in your closet. With this service, VH can help her clients save time and money. Well, you may ask, “How?”

The process starts with a consultation to get to know you, your way of living, shopping style. There are different types of shoppers:

Spontaneous Collectors: They will purchase what seems to feel good at the time. They so need everything, at that particular time.

Needy Shoppers: They only shop if they need something for a specific occasion.

High Class Shoppers: They only buy items that are brand-name. This shopper tends to be very snooty, and only buy items that are clean and of good quality.

Let’s Make a Deal Shoppers: They shop and buy just because it’s a sale. This shopper doesn’t really need anything, but has an urge to buy because the rack says, “20% off.”

Slow Shopper: They have to try on every single piece of cloth that they like. This shopper wants to make sure that their money is well spent and everything that is bought fits perfect.

Lazy Shopper: They don’t try anything on. This shopper takes home a lot of clothes that they
bought with the intention of returning, if the item doesn’t fit. However, they never get around to returning any items, and have a closet full of unwanted clothes.

Vintage Shopper: They tend to love wearing and mix/matching vintage clothes. This shopper only
shops in thrift stores, year sales and buy by the pound.

Emotional Shopper: They shop when they are feeling down in spirit, and need a lifting up.

Next, VHV goes into your closet to determine what fits your lifestyle, and style image based on the type of shopper
that you are. VHV views the items that still have tags, items you like, items that you want to giveaway, items that need modifications, etc.

Lastly, VHV will build your wardrobe with the existing clothes that you already have.

Vogue Organize Your Closet: This is an opportunity to make your closet more accessible and work for you. After your closet is vogue organize you will not spend hours trying to find things to wear. It will change the way you get dress by making it much easier.

Currently, Stephanie is the Executive Producer, Producer, Writer and Director for a documentary titled, “Business Over Illness.” This documentary focus on women with Lupus and how we push through the pain to build our business. http://www.businessoverillness.com

She also a Published Author of a book titled, “Finding ME Through Lupus,” “The Prayers of a Single Woman,” and co-writer of “Business OVER Illness.

Get your vintage look at https://www.etsy.com/shop/varietyhousevintage

Please make your comments below! Remember Your Vision Will Never Go Out Of Style!


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